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Friis Coffee Storage Vault Parts Friis Coffee Storage Vault Full flavour starts with fresh coffee.

All forms of coffee, both whole bean and ground, have been roasted. The roasting process caramelises the sugars in coffee beans and forms essential oils. These sugars and essential oils give coffee its varying flavour and aroma profiles. But the roasting process also causes the coffee beans to release carbon dioxide for several days after roasting.

Four external factors will slowly destroy the original flavour coffee drinkers love: CO2 gases, moisture, light and air. Friis Coffee Vault one-way valve is constructed with a unique filter that allows carbon dioxide gas to pass through without allowing oxygen or other gases back in. The key to rich, full-flavoured coffee is limiting the effects of these external forces through proper storage.

Stored in a cool, dry place, your coffee stays rich and full of flavour. Simply put, the Friis Coffee Storage Vault keeps your coffee fresh longer.

The Friis Coffee Vault - Coffee Savour model features a stainless steel base with an all black BPA free polymer lid. The coffee container can hold 453g (16 oz) of freshly roasted coffeee beans.

The integrity of the one-way valve deteriorates with time. To ensure optimal performance you should replace it every 2 months. To help you remember, we've added a helpful date wheel to the top of your Friis Coffee Savour. This rotating wheel is designed to help you set a monthly reminder to replace your valve on the appropriate day.

Paul RJ Muller from CaffiNation has put Friis Coffee Vault to the test. He concludes that the claims about Friis Coffee Savour are accurate.
Claim #1: Prevents a buildup of Carbon Dioxide inside the canister
Claim #2: Keeps coffee at peak freshness for longer than traditional storage.
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"The Friis Coffee Storage Vault is such a success we "need" a second one!"
Cherie H, Rockhampton, QLD

The Friis Coffee Storage Vault comes with a measuring spoon, one-year supply of Friis freshness valves, Getting Started instructions and the Art of Flavour booklet.

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