Monin Flavoured Coffee Set


Add flavour and aroma to your espresso, cappuccino, latte, coffee, or even tea with Monin Syrups.

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Georges MONIN founded the MONIN Company located in Bourges, France, in the year 1912. MONIN has grown to be the leading producer of gourmet flavourings used in restaurants, coffeehouses, bars and homes in over 100 countries.

The Monin's Flavoured Coffee Set includes five 50ml glass bottles with each a different syrup flavour:

1- Caramel
2- Vanille (Vanilla)
3- Noisette (Hazelnut)
4- Pain d'epices (Gingerbread)
5- Chocolate Cookie

The Monin Flavoured Coffee Gift Set also comes with a recipe guide.

Ideal for discovering new coffee flavours or as a gift to a coffee lover.

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