Classic Italian Coffee Beans

An exceptional rich, full bodied coffee, with a complex chocolate & nut flavour profile, with balanced acidity. Perfectly suited for a milk based or espresso coffee.

100% Premium Arabica coffee beans.

Customer Feedback

"I have worked as a Barista for several years before leaving to start my own home business, bought a coffee machine and found out supermarket coffee beans just didn't cut it. I have just tried my first cup of coffee from you which was the Classic Italian and I am very impressed. Exactly what the description said. I will definitely order this again and I can't wait to try the French Velvet. Customer service was A+++.
I could vouch for your coffee any day. :-) "

"I would like to order more coffee please. Same order as last time. Everyone loves the coffee here so look forward to our next consignment."

"Just letting you know I have placed another order. Your coffee is wonderful and quite the best coffee I have bought in Australia. I am ordering the same again Classic Italian but going to try your French Velvet one too to see how it goes.
Thanks for the best product and great service."

Excellent based on 3 customer feedback
Comes in 1kg, 500g or 250g coffee bags and a box of 6 kgs.

Comes in whole beans only (not ground). No GST on coffee.

New to buying coffee beans? Take 5 minutes to view our video Five Tips for Buying Coffee Beans and learn about the shelf life of coffee beans, the difference between imported and freshly roasted coffee beans, what's the purpose of the button-like valve on coffee bags and more.

If you're located within the postcode 6000 to 6214 and consume 1.5 to 2 kgs per week, you may prefer buying by the box for extra savings. Each box contains 6 bags of 1kg @$27.50 for the same premium coffee beans roasted locally. Includes FREE delivery.
And if you wish a mixed pack e.g. 3kgs French Velvet & 3kgs Classic Italian espresso coffee beans, please indicate your preference at the checkout in the 'Special Instructions' message box.

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