French Velvet Coffee Beans

Our signature blend was inspired by the evocative aromatic flavours of Central and South American coffee beans. Exceptionally rich full-bodied sophisticated coffee with a smooth velvet-like mouth feel.

100% Premium Arabica coffee beans.

Customer Feedback

"I only have tried the French Velvet so far, but I am more than happy with it, it has the typical French coffee roast flavour I was after. It's hard to find in Australia, they are all bent on Italian espresso roast. I'll see how the Italian Classic and Morning Kick are later on, but I already know I'll reorder French Velvet next time. The fact you ship quickly is also a really nice thing."

"Everyone in the office loved the coffee! You have a great product and excellent service."

"Just ordered some more French Velvet, hmmmm :) With the French Velvet, it reminds me of really nice dark chocolate, lots of flavour, quite strong and very smooth."

"Thank you for great service and fast delivery. I have just tasted one of the coffees the French Velvet it was very nice, I will ordering again when I need coffee. Great service and delivery. Thank You"

"Well I have yet to try the Italian espresso as I'm really enjoying the French velvet - I reckon it will be difficult to beat this blend! :-)"

"The other two coffee types were fantastic, but the French Velvet is hard to beat!! We are extremely happy with the products we have had from Prime Coffee and would love for people to know where they can get great beans from."

"My wife and I looooooove your coffee's, the French Velvet is divine..(drinking a mug as I type.)"

"Your french velvet is simply the best coffee i have ever tasted. great coffee, great service, i'll be a customer for life.

"I'm a big fan of your coffee beans. My morning coffee never tasted so good!

Excellent based on 9 customer feedback
Comes in 1kg, 500g or 250g coffee bags and a box of 6 kgs.
Comes in whole beans only (not ground). No GST on coffee.

New to buying coffee beans? Take 5 minutes to view our video Five Tips for Buying Coffee Beans and learn about the shelf life of coffee beans, the difference between imported and freshly roasted coffee beans, what's the purpose of the button-like valve on coffee bags and more.

If you're located within the postcode 6000 to 6214 and consume 1.5 to 2 kgs per week, you may prefer buying by the box for extra savings. Each box contains 6 bags of 1kg @$27.50 for the same premium coffee beans roasted locally. Includes FREE delivery.
And if you wish a mixed pack e.g. 3kgs French Velvet & 3kgs Classic Italian espresso coffee beans, please indicate your preference at the checkout in the 'Special Instructions' message box.

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