Coffee Beans Storage Tips

Roasted coffee beans have a limited shelf life. There's no cure for freshness, only preventative measures.

Air, light and moisture accelerate the aging process of your roasted coffee beans. To extend their shelf life and preserve their flavour, here are a few storage tips to protect them from the damaging natural elements:


Store your coffee beans in airtight containers to minimise exposure to air. You can keep your coffee beans in the one-valve coffee bags in which you bought your beans. Zip lock or carefully tie the bag to avoid letting oxygen in. Alternatively, you can store your coffee beans in a specifically designed FRIIS coffee bean storage vault or the Vin Coffee Saver.

Grind your coffee only when needed. Have you noticed how a whole loaf of bread doesn’t dry as fast as slices of bread? Either way, the bread will become stale but at a different rate. It’s all about how much surface is exposed to air. The same applies to coffee. Ground coffee has more surface exposed to air than whole coffee beans.


Store coffee beans in a dark cool spot at room temperature. Opaque containers or coffee bags can be left on your counter but away from direct heat sources e.g. stove or windowsill whereas clear glass containers must be stored in a cupboard or other dark space.


Don't store coffee in the fridge for two reasons:

1- Food contamination: coffee beans will absorb odours from food in the fridge. For this reason, coffee grounds make an excellent odour eliminator.

2- Condensation: the moisture will quickly spoil your coffee beans.

There's nothing like fresh roasted coffee beans. You can't restore the original aroma and taste in stale coffee beans.

So, buy FRESH. View our video on Five Buying Tips for Coffee Beans.

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