Grindz Coffee Grinder Cleaner


Grindz by Urnex, offers a quick and simple solution to cleaning grinder burrs without having to disassemble the grinder.

Use a sachet to clean and clear your grinder burrs from old coffee grounds, oils and waste. Great for between changing blends or for removing unwanted tastes and odours.

Formulated with all natural ingredients completely food safe and doesn't leave any residual flavour.

Suits free-standing home and commercial burr coffee grinders but not grinders built in automatic espresso machines.

Here's the coffee residue extracted from a coffee grinder after using only a single application of Grindz. All the dark particles are coffee residue and the white particles, Grindz.

Grinder Coffee Residue extracted with Grindz

Comes in box with three sachets of 35g. Good for 3 applications. Price does not include GST.

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