Organic Coffee Machine Descaler


Routine descaling of your coffee machine ensures consistent and great tasting coffee and extends the life of your coffee machine.

A recent study showed that the coffee machine reservoir is the 5th germiest item in the home. ("Germiest places in the home", NSF International, 2011). Even if you can’t see the build-up, it's there.

When coffee enthusiasts start tasting bitter or inconsistent coffee, they assume either their coffee beans are stale or their coffee machine is not operating properly. Most of the time, they simply need to clean their machine.

It is not recommended to clean with vinegar and water. Vinegar is not designed to remove coffee oil build-up and can also leave behind residue and odor that will affect the taste of the coffee.

The Full Circle™ descaler is designed to break down the  mineral build-up inside the hot water tank of your machine that can clog the water flow and affect the brew temperature. If not descaled over time, the machine will eventually not function.

How to use Full Circle Espresso Descaler

  • Mix the content of one sachet of descaling powder with warm or hot water.
  • Pour into the water tank of your coffee machine
  • Run the descaling cycle
  • To rinse, repeat cycle with water only, without descaler.

Full Circle™ goes beyond the normal standards set for organic products and offers a renewable and sustainable solution to all coffee businesses that care about their impact on the environment. 100% recyclable.

How often do you see a manufacturer disclose the full list of ingredients used in their product? Well, Full Circle™ does.

Full list of ingredients

•    Sodium Bicarbonate: Also called baking soda, helps dough rise in cookies and bread. In our application, it assists in delivering oxygen bubbles to the surface of your coffee machine.

•    Sodium Carbonate: Often used in toothpaste and baking German pretzels, this naturally occurring salt is found in the hills of Wyoming and can be derived from seaweed. It is a great cleaning agent that changes the pH.

•    Sodium Gluconate: Used in dairy products and diet foods, this ingredient helps break down and rinse away soils. Produced by the fermentation of glucose (sugars).

•    Sodium Citrate: Derived from corn sugar via fermentation, this salt regulates acidity in the cleaning product. Also found on the ingredient list of some of your favourite energy drinks.

•    Sodium Percarbonate: This is a key ingredient used in toothpaste for its oxygen based bleaching abilities.

•    Sodium Coco-Sulfate: As the name suggests, a terrific foaming agent and surfactant produced from coconut oils.

•    Alkyl Polyglycosides: The scariest sounding ingredient is produced from the combination of alcohols and glucose. These sugars are derived from coconut, palm, and corn oil. This is a 100% renewable surfactant that would otherwise need to be produced from petroleum products.

Two uses per pack. Each pack contains 2 sachets of descaling powder of 28 grams each.

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