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The problem with portable coffee makers is that you need ground coffee. This means you either grind your coffee beans yourself with a separate grinder or you buy pre-ground coffee with a very short shelf life, less than a week instead of 3 to 4 weeks for freshly roasted whole coffee beans.

Grindripper's point of difference is the all-in-one practical solution. Grindripper integrates a conical ceramic burr grinder with a dripper and packages it in a quality travel pouch.

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Customer Feedback
"Grindripper turned up in the post this morning. I bought it mostly for the grinder to use with my stovetop when camping but just made a quick cuppa at the office and it makes a surprisingly good cup of coffee (much better than work's automatic machine, and miles apart from instant), bonus is you just flick the paper filter in the bin, give the dripper a quick rinse and it is good to go for next time."

"I'm enjoying using my new coffee maker. Beans are good - tasty, not bitter - and as they say, much better when you can grind them fresh."

Excellent based on 2 customer feedback

Grindripper Special Features

Use of Freshly Roasted Coffee beans

Fresh coffee is always better ground straight before use to maintain the integrity of the beans. The Grindripper grinds directly into your individual cup drip filter so this means that you always get a cuppa made with freshly ground coffee beans.

Ceramic Burrs

The Grindripper grinder houses a conical ceramic burr set that is spring loaded and stepped. This is important for two reasons:
  1. The spring loaded burr set means that you will achieve a more consistent grind setting whether you're grinding espresso fine or French press coarse. The spring will inhibit any burr wobble leading to inconsistent grinds.

  2. The grind level is easy to control with grind adjustments 100% accurate. Sharing grind settings with other users is as simple as winding down the burr carrier until the burrs touch (zero position) and then counting how many clicks to your ideal grind setting. We recommend 3-4 clicks from the zero position for Grindripper.
Also, the ceramic minimises heat generated when grinding that could alter the taste of your aromatic coffee beans.

Environmentally Friendly Dripper

The durable dripper is made of Tritan which makes Grindripper 100% safe when heated during the brewing process (BPA free), environmental hormones and any harmful substances that could cause illness.

The Grindripper is an environmentally friendly product. Unnecessary processes have been removed or streamlined so that only a minimal amount of Carbon Dioxide is produced in the production of the Grindripper. Less Carbon Dioxide in the world means a healthier world for everyone.

Compact & Portable

The all-in-one coffee making kit comes in a quality pouch that contains the grinder, dripper, coffee jar and unbleached coffee filters. Whether you go on a business or leisure trip, you'll find it easy to find space for this compact Grindripper in your luggage.

Designed for Easy Grip

The Grindripper is extremely comfortable to use thanks to its tapered neck. Simply grab hold of it, attach the crank arm and grind away. This is especially useful if have limited hand mobility.

Easy to clean

The ceramic cutter separates from the body for easy cleaning. This way, you can clean up coffee oils that can become stale and alter the taste of your next brews.


In short, Grindripper is an all-in-one grinder & dripper that is compact, portable, environmentally friendly and easy to use and clean. But best of all, it does excellent coffee.

The Grindripper Kit includes...

- Conical ceramic burr grinder with detachable handle for easy storage
- Tritan dripper that fits on top of a wide range of cups
- Pack of 50 unbleached Grindripper filters
- Small bean cellar
- Black velveteen travel pouch.

Grindripper comes in black only. Price does not include GST.

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