How much roasted coffee beans cost in Perth?

It is very difficult for consumers to compare the price of roasted coffee beans without thoroughly reading the labels. The sizes of coffee bags do not always reflect the weight of the contents.

About the mystery shopping survey

  • Small coffee packs vary in size, either 200g or 250g. To counter the difference in sizes and to facilitate comparison, we calculated equivalent units of measurement of 100g and 1 kg.

  • For consistency, we compared only small coffee bags (jars or tins) because not all brands offer one kilo-size bags.

  • The 'per kg' price is not the cost of a kilo coffee bag because bulk purchases are usually discounted. For example, Prime Coffee sells one kilo of espresso whole beans at $29 but in the survey results, our kg cost is $38.

Coffee Prices - Perth Mystery Shopping Results


Freshly roasted coffee beans are not more expensive.

This is only a pricing survey. When buying your coffee beans, consider:

  • Grade and type of beans. Similar to grapes in wine making, coffee beans are graded according to quality, type of coffee trees and regions. Very cheap coffee beans are usually not premium coffee beans.

  • Type of package: Is the coffee bag vacuum packed or does it have a one-way valve?

  • Shelf life: How long the coffee bag stays on the shop's shelf? Long expiry date means 'stale' coffee whatever the marketing slogan says on the pack. And note that the shelf life doesn't take into account shipping and previous warehouse storage.

Read about The Degassing Process that affects the choice of packaging.

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