AeroPress Travel Coffee Maker


A simple and fast coffee making method that produces clean and smooth coffee on the go.

- Smooth coffee: The total immersion of the grounds shortens the extraction process yielding lower acidity and bitteness than some other coffee making methods.
- Clean coffee: The micro-filter leaves the coffee free of grit.
- Portable method: Easy to take with you wherever you go.
- Fast: Two minutes from start to finish includes 10 seconds for stirring the coffee grounds and 20 seconds for pressing down the plunger.

Video: Aeropress Travel Coffee Maker Demo

Customer Feedback
"I'm a fan of the aeropress. Everyone I know has one, some even two (work and home). I find it can be a little messy to clean up, but you can make a coffee as fast as you can grind your beans and boil water. Since its paper filtered you get a very clean tasting cup, but this can also remove some of the taste you want. Obviously its very portable, being completely plastic and small.
So you have some good and bad points, but for the price I believe its a very good option."

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AeroPress System AeroPress Features
- The grind of your coffee is not critical. You can use coarse, medium or fine grind.
- No tamping required.
- The amount of water and the grind size predetermine the strength of your coffee.
- Low maintenance. Simply disassemble and clean the showerhead.
- Makes up to 4 espresso cups or 2 coffee mugs.

AeroPress Kit includes:
- AeroPress
- Funnel for grounds
- Stirrer
- Scoop
- 350 micro-filters.

Brewing Time
To avoid bitterness and acidity in your coffee, don't leave the coffee brew for several minutes before plunging as you would do with a coffee plunger or French Press.

To re-use micro-filter
Remove the plunger and twist the cap containing the wet filter. Remove the micro-filter and brush it under running water. Dry flat.

AeroPress Materials
Since 1st August 2009, the AeroPress is made of three different plastics, copolyester for the clear chamber and plunger, polypropylene for the hard black filter cap, filter holder, funnel & stirrer and thermoplastic elastomer for the rubber like seal on the end of the plunger. All of these materials are FDA approved for use in contact with food and do not contain bisphenol-A (BPA) or any phthalates, chemicals that could possibly have health ill-effects.

NEW: You can now buy an AeroPress Stainless Steel Replacement Filter.

Download the Aeropress User Manual.

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