Glass Jug Coffee Plunger


The Coffee Plunger, also called French Press, is probably the simplest and cheapest option to make your rich, full-bodied coffee.

Benefits of the Coffee Plunger:

- Easy to use. Add ground coffee beans and boiling water in the coffee plunger and then, press down the filter.
- Economical. Much cheaper than buying your coffee from a Cafe.
- Easy to clean. No fancy delicate parts to clean.
- Portable. No power required. Take it with you to work or when travelling.
- Reusable metal filter. No maintenance cost e.g. paper filters.
- Versatile. Use your plunger to make tea. Ideal to filter herbal, black or green tea leaves.

If you're a first time coffee plunger user, here's How to make plunger coffee

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