Prime Healthy DECAF

You can now drink as much coffee as you like without caffeine side effects.

Unlike other decaffeinated coffees, no harmful chemicals have been used to remove caffeine in our coffee.

Our Columbian beans are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water® Process. The caffeine is washed through with water from the coast mountains of British Columbia, Canada, leaving the green coffee beans 99.9% caffeine free.

100% Premium Arabica coffee beans.

For the healthy and environmentally conscious coffee lovers, a great taste of coffee without caffeine and harmful chemical side effects of other decaffeinating methods.

View this video to learn how the coffee is decaffeinated:

Video: Columbian Coffee Beans Decaffeinated without Chemicals

Customer Feedback
"I got the coffee and we had our first delicious mug this morning! Many thanks for your excellent service."

"The decaf is superb ... possibly the best and most flavoursome decaf yet had, and we have had a couple of good ones . Great flavour and full taste. Cheers"

Excellent based on 2 customer feedback
Comes in 1kg, 500g & 250g coffee bags.
Comes in whole beans only (not ground). No GST on coffee.

New to buying coffee beans? Take 5 minutes to view our video Five Tips for Buying Coffee Beans and learn about the shelf life of coffee beans, the difference between imported and freshly roasted coffee beans, what's the purpose of the button-like valve on coffee bags and more.

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