About Prime Coffee

Like you, we love our coffee.

And we also understand how busyness can get in the way of lifestyle, to the extent of buying coffee at the supermarket!

But this is about to change...

If you work in Perth, you can have your coffee delivered at work and save you a lengthly detour to the shops to replenish your coffee supply during your personal time.

Now, you can order 24/7 by SMS or online, just when you realise you're going to run out of coffee.

Our award-winning Master Coffee Roaster who supplies Perth popular Cafés will roast your coffee beans and we'll quickly deliver them to your workplace, usually a business day later. Freshly roasted coffee beans that don't have time to go stale in warehouse and supermarket shelves!

If you've never made your own espresso or other favourite coffee drink, we have the newest portable coffee making options to save you money while enjoying coffee at any time of day or night, in company or alone, at home or at work.

Welcome to our Coffee Lovers community!


P.S. Who said that Perth was far? We have a growing number of neighbours out in the Eastern States drinking our coffee!

Customer Feedback

"Wow! Thank you so much for what is categorically THE BEST piece of customer service that I've had the good fortune to experience. I was fairly devastated when my Mypressi stopped working, and I'm absolutely delighted that you've resolved this with so little inconvenience to me. Thanks again for such an overwhelmingly positive experience - it's a very rare and heart-warming thing to have such a great experience as a customer. You have been nothing but responsive, communicative and helpful.
Thanks again."

"My daughter told me about your nice and friendly services, your coffee is beautiful."

"Many thanks for following up on my request, much appreciated! It's so nice to hear of fellow coffee lovers looking after each other :)"

"Your service is simply fantastic! :-)
Thanks and see you later."

"Thank you very much. You're so quick with the delivery!"

"Thank you very much for your fantastic prompt delivery and service. I look forward to ordering from your store again."

"Your coffee is lovely, so I will definitely be back for more and look forward to dealing with you regularly in the future."

"Coffee arrived Fri am, perfect!! Awesome service and we all love the coffee."
Three months later after 8 orders...
"Thanks for your impeccable service, can always count on you! Most important when it comes to something as important as coffee!"

"Thank you for providing a fabulous product and service."

"What a beautiful experience, my first taste of Prime Coffee French Velvet beans. I am looking forward to sharing coffee and chocolate coated beans with my family & friends.
Thank you for a great service. It is a pleasure to be a customer.
A happy day to you!"

"We love Prime Coffee, you guys have nailed customer services and should get an award for Australia's best retail customer service!
We have referred you to everyone we know that loves GOOD coffee!
Many thanks!"

"Thank you so much for the quick turn around!! Absolutely love the fast and friendly service!"

"I want to say thank you for your wonderful customer service: I have rarely come across any company that is so prompt and courteous to its customers! And the coffee is great too!"

Excellent based on 13 customer feedback
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