Vacu Vin Coffee Saver


During the roasting process, the coffee oils are brought to the surface of the coffee beans. These aromatic oils which gives the distinctive coffee flavours fast become rancid when exposed to air.

Vacu Vin provides the storage solution for your coffee beans. The Vacu Vin vacuum pump extracts the air from the coffee saver to slow down oxidation.

Here's how you can store coffee beans with the Vacu Vin Coffee Saver system:

Video: Vacu Vin Coffee Saver Review with Pros & Cons

- Dishwasher safe.
- Tinted container to protect food from exposure to light.
- One-off investment, no replacement part required.
- Versatile: You can buy extra containers for other perishable foods such as cereals, nuts and tea and use the same Vacuum Pump.

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